What You Should Know About Laguiole Folding knife

What You Should Know About Laguiole Folding knife

What is the famous knife style that you live the most?

There are multiple designs and brands of knives that you appreciate, but among all Laguiole knives are loved the most. For the professional knife makers in Laguiole, it just takes a few minutes to make this ultimate knife and show their craftsmanship.

Laguiole folding knives are popular among the buyers due to its marvellous style and impressive design. Taking the legacy from Laguiole village, it has been offering handcrafted knives to the global knife lovers. But there are numerous things associated with Laguiole folding knife that you must know.

Below is some essential information about the Laguiole folding knife.

Handle Choices:

Among all available options, you must prefer selecting brown or black horn, mother of pearl, precious wood, etc. as its handle material. This material is adequate to hold and maintain your grip on the knife.

Model Selection:

Variety of knives are available, but what suits you best entirely depends upon your choice and its features. Mostly, people prefer buying a Laguiole folding knife. However, other options are also available that include a corkscrew, a punch, etc. that are beneficial for other purposes as well. So, before selecting the Laguiole knife, make sure it fulfils your needs.

Size Matters:

Size of your Laguiole knife is an essential factor while opting for a specific model. The handle must fit into your hand and provide you with a comfortable grip while in action. So, you can choose the Laguiole folding knife that best suits you in terms of size.

Blade Material:

You must know that Laguiole knives are commonly made of stainless steel or carbon. Hence you should choose the one that you like. High carbon steel is more often considered as it is wear-resistant. So, it can stay sharper longer compared to other blade options.

Engraved or Soldered:

Some knives will have soldered text, while others will have text engraved on it. Among both, the engraved knife is a viable option to choose over soldered. With time, soldering gets loosen, and the text falls off the knife, giving an ugly look to it. However, this isn’t the save with engraved text on Laguiole folding knife.

So, these are some interesting points that every knife owner must know. These points will also help you buy a Laguiole folding knife.

Remember, buying a Laguiole knife is just one part of it. Post buying, you must also take proper care and spend time in its maintenance to keep the knife shining and sharp always. There are many ways you can perform the maintenance. Among them, the most crucial point is the storage of your knife. Always prefer storing your knife in a moisture-free area. Furthermore, the Laguiole knives have sharp edges, so it must be kept away from the children and inexperienced people.

Also, stay away from counterfeit knives that are sold with the same ‘Laguiole’ name. The more you research, the higher the quality you get.

Are you ready to own one Laguiole folding knife and take it to fulfil your purpose?

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