Who Does Taxi Insurance?

Who Does Taxi Insurance?

Taxi insurance is a form of hire and reward cover, permitting drivers to use their vehicle in return for payment, such as carrying passengers. There are three routes a taxi driver could take in order to purchase their taxi insurance. To find cheap taxi insurance, a taxi driver can use an aggregator or comparison website, go through a broker or shop directly with a taxi insurance company of choice. Which one is most appropriate will depend on what exactly a driver is looking for during the signing up process.

Aggregators and comparison sites are best for anyone looking to compare a few prices in one go. They’re ideal for somebody who knows what level of coverage they want and which add-ons they are/aren’t interested in. By filling out one form, drivers typically gain access to far more quotes than they would through a broker or by going to an insurer directly, making this an ideal option for anyone looking to get a good price on their coverage.

Brokers are great for anybody seeking a more personal touch to the process of buying insurance. Perhaps they’ve got a few questions they might like answered about exactly what they’re getting with their cover or might like to know what insurance other cabbies tend to go for. Brokers are experts in their market, so can provide useful advice. Insurers sometimes give brokers beneficial prices, too, given that the brokers bring in new customers for the insurer.

For a driver who knows what they want, and has identified a brand they like (perhaps after researching online or receiving a recommendation from a fellow driver), the best bet may be to shop directly. Insurers usually won’t advertise their best prices through brokers or aggregators, so drivers may find going direct the most cost-effective option, assuming they’re certain about the insurer they want and the price they’re going to pay.

Connecting with taxi insurance companies couldn’t be easier. A quick search for “taxi insurance comparison”, “taxi insurance broker”, or “taxi insurance provider” should offer a number of different options to choose from.

Keep in mind that those who’ve had previous driving convictions, have been denied insurance in the past, or are on the younger side (18-25) may have trouble finding quotes online or completing online forms. Taxi driving is a risky business, and some insurers prefer to avoid offering policies out to drivers they feel are more likely to be involved in an accident. It doesn’t mean coverage can’t be found, but these types of taxi drivers may have to call a broker or insurer directly as online forms may automatically deny the quote request.

Taxi insurance brokers

There are a number of quality taxi insurance brokers in the UK for a potential purchaser to use. Once a broker has been identified (probably through a quick Google search for “taxi insurance brokers”!), the first port of call should be websites like Feefo or Trustpilot.

It’s important to exercise caution if reviews seem a little too good to be true. In particular, check to see if most of the reviews related to the buying process rather than the claims process. But generally speaking, customer reviews are an excellent resource to see what customers thought of sign-up, claims, and renewal processes.

Check through a few reviews at each star level to see what people like and dislike about each broker’s service. Pay especially close attention to any of the processes listed above (sign-up, claims, renewal) and the quality of their customer service to get an idea of what it’s like to be partnered with them.

Like aggregators or insurers, brokers will usually have a few methods for potential customers to initiate contact: primarily online forms, email or phone. Filling out their online form might save time down the road when it comes to communicating details like dates of birth or addresses.

List of taxi insurance companies

Finding a list of taxi insurance companies can be tricky as many articles online are sponsored, so results at the top of the list might be difficult to trust. Read the methodology on a page to understand how the list has been generated.

If a potential customer was looking for a list of taxi insurance companies who might insure them, it would be worth trying out a comparison website. Once details have been filled out, a list of relevant insurers will be generated, allowing customers to see who might be interested in taking their business.

Does Admiral do taxi insurance?

As of writing, Admiral does not offer insurance for taxis. They also don’t allow any of their social, domestic & pleasure (SD&P) insurance customers to take out separate ‘top-up’ policies to sit on top of their existing Admiral coverage. This means that a motorist insured by Admiral will need to change insurance providers if they want to use their vehicle as a taxi in order to make sure they’re properly covered.

Admiral does accept cancellations, subject to the terms and conditions of your policy. Policyholders can check with them to see how much of a refund they’re eligible for, keeping in mind there may be charges to reflect the time covered, as well as some administration costs involved.

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