Wireless Network Trends to Witness in 2020

Wireless Network Trends to Witness in 2020

Wireless connectivity is the new way of communicating with the world, and wireless networks have made it possible to a broader scope. With time, the demand for the wireless network is increasing gradually. However, many wireless network trends are going to change the way how we use WAN in the coming years.

So, let’s take a glimpse of some wireless networking trends that you will witness in 2020.

Focus on Automated Networking:

For easy network management, many networking vendors release automation platforms. However, many problems still existed in this approach, like interoperability, feature parity, and cultural issues. One-click network deployments will revolutionize the usage of WAN, campus, and data centre, similar. However, the existence of traditional network engineers might be a topic of discussion in the future.

5G and Wi-Fi 6 Will Be Seen in Homes & Offices:

The battle between 5G and Wi-Fi 6 is still active, so its inclusion in home and business will be witnessed by next year. It isn’t a trend, but it’s an essential update to visualize in the next few years. The integration of cellular network providers will make it possible for 5G Networks to reach every home and office, wherever possible. With this, many challenges associated with wireless networks will end. Moreover, many new technologies like IoT and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will see its way to the digital world.

AI and ML will lead the Automation Network:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have already been introduced to many industries. Still, many enterprises are yet to experience its potential. Data analysis via Machine Learning will take a steep step ahead with a high-speed wireless network. The amalgamation of AI and ML with high-speed wireless connectivity will make predictions more quick and precise. With this, completely automated networks managed will also be seen through the controller. From 2020, automated networks won’t be anything new in the era of wireless networks.

SD-WAN To Become New Standard:

In the networking industry, SD-WAN has experienced a hike in demand and is also considered as one of the fasters emerging technologies. In the coming era, the SD-WAN will become a standard for Wide Area Network. For high-speed internet connectivity and data transfer, SD-WAN will become the benchmark in offices and homes. Furthermore, the SD-WAN will also be seen integrated with the smallest to large networks.

Open RAN:

Open RAM uses low-cost, vendor-neutral hardware that suppliers use to deliver high-speed internet over Radio Access networks. Undoubtedly, the up-gradation of the 4G network to 5G high-speed network will require the deployment of multiple new base stations to broaden its network coverage and deliver high-speed bandwidth at low latency.

So, these are some prominent trends that you shouldn’t skip while witnessing a broad scope of wireless networks. WAN will ultimately rule the internet as it gives high-speed internet connection with low maintenance and minimal physical connectivity. Furthermore, the wireless network is also resistant to weather problems and unexpected connectivity malfunction.

What more new trends do you think can revolutionize the digital world?

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